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Skin Cafe 100% Natural Acne...

Our acne care mask is a highly effective yet gentle treatment that targets blemishes with concentrated & pure antibacterial ingredients such as neem, wild turmeric & citrus peel , al l revered for their magical effect on pimples & blemishes. Use as directed for a clear, blemish free balanced skin.

Price ৳240.00

Skin Cafe 100% Natural...

Our healing Clay is a detoxifying clay based mask that deeply cleans and refines pores,reduces blackheads, removes impurities. With regular use it controls sebum secration with the power of purifying clays & activated charcoal leaving skin hydrated, balanced, and replenished.

Price ৳240.00

Skin Cafe 100% Natural...

A clarifying blend of fresh ingredients for skin lightening & brightening. Regular use leaves the complexion soft & glowing with a natural sheen, reducing uneven skin tone & spots with the help of pure white chandan, orange extract & conch. All known for their powerful skin brightening effect!

Price ৳240.00

Skin Cafe Anti Dandruff...

Your dream of luscious hair starts at the scalp. So, keeping the scalp healthy is your utmost priority. And that’s why we formulated Skin Cafe Anti Dandruff Treatment. Packed with natural goodness this weekly hair mask helps fungal growth & flaky scalp problem that’s been driving you crazy. With regular use this mask will control dandruff, reduce bacterial & fungal growth to ensure the healthy scalp environment mandatory for gorgeous hair.

Price ৳280.00

Skin Cafe Hair Fall Treatment

If you are losing your precious hair then Skin Cafe  Hair Fall Treatment is here to answer your prayers. Fortified with nature’s most powerful botanicals, this once a
week mask can transform your thin, lifeless locks into the luscious tumble of hair from your dreams. With regular use this mask will give you stronger roots, reduce hair fall, encourage new hair growth & maintain overall hair health.

Price ৳280.00

Skin Cafe 100% Natural Rose...

Works as a natural astringent toner that deep cleanses & brightens your skin, also tighten your pores. Use on its own of with any powder face mask of your choice to form a smooth paste.

Price ৳320.00

Skin Cafe - 100% Pure &...


  • 100% Argan Oil


  • The best facial oil for dry damaged skin
  • Rich in antioxidants & vitamins
  • Moisturizing
  • Relieves chemical inflicted hair damage
Price ৳1,550.00

Skin Cafe - 100% Natural...

1. Relieves headaches

2. Reduces stomach aches

3. Alleviates abdominal and muscle pain

4. Kills germs

5. Acts as an astringent

6. Reduces fever

7. Eases digestive tract spasms

Price ৳400.00

Skin Cafe - 100% Natural...

  • Smooth the wrinkles.
  • Reduces bags under their eyes or puffiness in face.
  • Makes incredible lip balm.
  • Helps mitigate side effects of makeup on skin.
  • Reduces body odor using the oil as perfume.
  • Soothe nerves having anti-spasmodic in it.
Price ৳400.00

Skin Cafe - 100% Natural...

  • Stops hair loss.
  • Reduces joint pains.
  • Solves insomnia problem.
  • Diminishes hypertension and stress because of having linalool in the oil.
  • Solves eczema problem.
  • Apply on the skin like chest, back and neck for the remedy of the diseases such as cold and cough.
Price ৳400.00

Skin Cafe - 100% Pure Sweet...

  • 100% Pure Organic Moisturizing Oil
  • Skin & Hair Softener 
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Natural Makeup Remover
  • Aromatherapy Carrier Oil
  • Nighttime Moisturizer
  • Hair Rejuvenator
  • Cuticle Rescue
Price ৳800.00